Climbing Hand Holds

Atomik Handholds

Atomik Handholds are extremely well made and durable with a texture similar to sandstone. They are also affordably priced.

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Photo Credits: Atomik

Climb It Holds

Climb-it Holds has been on the cutting edge of hold innovation for over twenty years, and are getting nothing but better. Climb It produces a huge variety of shapes, ranging from micro-crimps to massive features, to bring all of the best climbing from all of the best crags around the world to the indoor gym.

At Climb-it Holds, it is a point of pride to produce not just good, but the very best holds on the market, and to give you the best possible climbing experience.

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Photo Credits: Climb It

Detroit Rock Climbing Company

DRCC produces climbing holds of the highest quality, usability and brilliant design. Their growing catalog has a balanced array of many types of holds.

Check out their dual texture holds which are the one of the best in the market!

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Photo Credits: DRCC

Element Climbing

Element Climbing is a relatively new company that produces one of the best holds on the market with attention to detail.

Manufacturing climbing holds is a fine balance between science and art. By committing to the pursuit of perfection in both, Element Climbing continues to create exciting new shapes that challenge the abilities of climbers around the globe.
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Photo Credits: Element Climbing

Motavation Volumes

Motavation makes wooden bolt-on volumes – no resin molds or plastics to pour, strictly wood construction assembled by hand, deep in the heart of Texas. With a durable kevlar texture, shoe marks and chalk can simply be wiped off.

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Photo Credits: Motavation