SCARPA rock climbing shoes are meticulously designed and built with a specific end-user and climbing style in mind; whether you’re a sport climber, boulderer, alpinist, or big-wall climber, there is a shoe to match your style. SCARPA’s state-of-the-art technology is developed from extensive experience on climbing routes throughout the world.
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Photo Credits: Scarpa

Wild Country - Harness, Quickdraws, belay devices and slings

Wild Country was founded in 1977, at a tiny factory in a village in the heart of the UK’s Peak district. Wild Country is synonymous with hard climbing and has a wide range of high quality products.

Check out their harnesses, quickdraws (including the famous Heliums), belay devices, carabiners and slings at Kinetics!

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Photo Credits: Wild Country

Edelweiss Ropes

Edelweiss has accompanied alpine and sport climbing pioneers since 1953. Thanks to an exceptionally tough sheath construction, Edelweiss ropes offer a reliability proven even in the harshest climbing conditions.

We stock both Edelweiss dynamic and static ropes at affordable prices.

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Photo Credits: Organic Climbing, Garick, Jay

Organic Climbing - Chalk Pots, Chalk Bag and Crash Pads

Organic products bridge the simplicity of bouldering and timelessness of art. Organic believes in promoting individuality and is inspired by the underground art scene. Organic utilizes the highest quality materials and puts in the extra time to ensure every piece is unique and stands out.

Hand made in the U.S.A. , each piece is one of-a-kind. Check out their range of Chalk Pots, Chalk Bags and Crash Pads at Kinetics!

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Photo Credits: Organic Climbing, Garick, Jay

La Sportiva Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva climbing shoes need no introduction. Possibly the most popular climbing shoe brand in the world, they provide a great range for the highest performance or training work horse.

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Red Chili Climbing Shoes

Red Chili’s shoes reflect the high engineering quality that we have come to expect from these German craftsmen; they are sturdy yet sensitive and fit really well, especially in the heel area!

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Verve Climbing and Yoga Apparel

Verve Climbing and Yoga Apparel by Christian Griffith is finally here. These super comfy attires are hand sewn in Boulder, Colorado.

Limited stock only!
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Kinetics Climbing Chalk Bag

A classic looking, functional, high quality and affordable chalk bag brought to you by Kinetics Climbing. Because we understand what climbers need!


CHALK is specifically blended for South East Asia’s humid climate to ensure maximum grip.

  • 300g loose chalk
  • 100g loose chalk
  • chalk ball
  • refillable chalk ball

Detroit Rock Climbing Company - Hang boards

Detroit Rock Climbing Company produces some of the most beautiful Hangboards in the world… and the least expensive! Elegant and efficient training for climbing, they fit over just about any doorway.

They come in two sizes – the compact “V3 Hangboard” and the more versatile “V5.12 Hangboard”.

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