Kinetics Junior Climbing Team

Kinetics Junior Climbing Team

Team Description

Our climbing classes for kids are organized as the Rugrats and the Kinetics Junior Climbing Team. This is a fantastic way for kids to get started in the unique and awesome sport of rock climbing! Rock climbing is also an excellent way for kids to get and stay fit as it involves both upper and lower body strength, core muscles, flexibility and intricate footwork. It also has great mental benefits as it involves problem solving skills, creativity and mental persistence. And kids can have fun while learning all this!


How are we different?

Our climbing teams are different because we don’t just aim to get kids to climb. We aim to equip them with proper climbing techniques so that they can climb competently. In fact, some of our team members go on to participate competitively. The team setting is also a unique way for kids to learn in an atmosphere of peer support! The team members will surely enjoy climbing, make new friends and learn about both climbing and themselves!

For sign up, call or email us to arrange for a trial session!

Kinetics Kids Climbing Team

Rugrats Climbing Team

Age Group

7-13 years old 4-7 years old


Group A
Every Friday Evening
7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

Group B
Every Saturday Afternoon
4.00 pm – 5.30 pm

Group C
Every Sunday Morning
10.30 am – 12.00pm


Ideal for

  • fun and excitement
  • rapid development of rock climbing technique
  • Regular and progressive lessons

Group Size

4-12 kids


$150/mth includes

– Entry Fee
– Equipment on training day
– Coaching fee


What people are saying…


“My son has been climbing with kinetics for years and he really loves the instructors there. They are great and passionate in grooming him to be a better climber. Thanks Jin Le, Chee Beng and rest of the team!”

“My kids love climbing here. The instructor they had was really encouraging, friendly and accommodating. Well done guys!!”