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Youth Team

Class Description

This class is suitable for kids aged 6 to 9 years old taking their first few steps to try out and enjoy a new activity under proper guidance in a friendly and interactive environment. This 1 hr session will enable your child to build strength in their arms, legs and core while helping them improve their coordination, balance and stability at the same time. Climbing teaches kids patience, confidence, trust and increase their concentration. With an instructor to student ratio of 1:4, the small group size will allow more time for each child. TINY TOTS is a great way to start your kid off their climbing adventure before they progress onto our Junior Team.

Class Highlights

  • Build strength, confidence and improve coordination

  • Learning basic climbing techniques

  • Have fun with fellow kids of the same age

  • Kids aged 6 - 9 years old

Ideal For

More Infomation

  • To sign up, please call or email us to arrange for a trial session

  • Every Saturday 3-4pm or;

  • Every Sunday 12-1pm

  • $150 / pax (4 sessions)

To enrol in Tiny Tots, your child has to go through a trial session (Just Climb Course) in order to ascertain his interest.

1. Under the contact form, please include your name, phone number and email.

2. Under Message, please include your child's name and age.

We will take 1-2 working days to get back to you. Alternatively you can call us directly at +65 6291 5045 to make a booking.

Thanks! Message sent.


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