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Welcome to Kinetics Climbing

Singapore’s premium bouldering facility. From the fresh faced newbie eager to bag his first V1 to the seasoned veteran looking to hop on the evening send train, Kinetics Climbing is where you can find climbs for all levels.

Our varied wall surfaces coupled with frequently updated routes are specially designed for quality bouldering. In addition, the top rope wall is a dedicated and safe space for roped-climbing and various courses.

As climbers who live and breathe the sport, our space is always open to all who are keen to be part of a climbing community to learn, play and crush!

    Here at Kinetics Climbing, you can look forward to:

Quality boulders and top-roped climbing walls with complementary training areas

Gear shop for all your climbing equipment needs

Certification classes and technique clinics conducted by our certified instructors.

Beginner and Adult Improver classes for bouldering, conducted by our experienced instructors

One to one top-notch private coaching

Climbing consultancy including wall design and building services

Events management and quality route setting

Corporate team bonding and group climbing sessions

Jay Koh
Manager | Route Setter | Head Coach

    Jay Koh took up Sport Climbing in Junior College and has been climbing actively since then. He strongly believes that climbing is a constant journey of self discovery that provides limitless opportunities to challenge oneself.

    As an accomplished competition climber, Jay has been a member of the National Team since year 2002, representing Singapore in various international competitions. One of his proudest podium would be clinching the Silver medal at the 2011 SEA Games at Palembang, Indonesia. During that year, he was also the Lead Champion for the Malaysian leg of the South East Asia Climbing Federation Circuit. Locally, he has been on the podium almost 40 times, with 20 championships under his name in both lead and boulder disciplines. Jay is also a 4 time National Champion for Lead Climbing in Singapore.

    Excelling on natural rock as well, he is constantly exploring new places and has been to some of the most remarkable climbing areas in South Africa, France, Spain, USA, Australia, China, Thailand and Malaysia. He is also the only Singaporean to have climbed sport routes of up to the difficulty grade of 8C/+ and onsights of up to 8a. Even though he considers himself to be more of a sport climber, he excels on boulders as well and has bouldered up to the grade of  8B / V13.

    Jay has been coaching since 2005 and has worked with people from all age groups. Some of his younger students have excelled in competitions while other clients derive satisfaction from climbing outdoors. Specializing in peak performance coaching, Jay also coaches a select clientele of elite Portfolio Managers and Leaders. Because of his experiences and extensive background while climbing at a very high level, Jay is able to offer such elite individuals an alternate perspective which may be applicable in their professional careers. He was reappointed the National Team coach in 2019 and continues to be involved in nurturing our youths. He was recently appointed onto the IFSC Coaches Commissions for the period 2021-2025.


    Aside from climbing, Jay is an avid diver and holds a Divemaster certification with PADI. He is a certified personal trainer with the Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness(FISAF) and is also a certified TRX Functional trainer. Jay is in the midst of obtaining his NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification.

You can find his competitive and outdoor accomplishments here.

Eunice Tan

Youth Team Coach | Route Setter

    Eunice first got a taste of Sport Climbing in College when she signed up for it as a Co-Curricular Activity. 2 years was enough for her to fall in love with this sport and she continued to pursue it while studying in the UK for her degrees.

Over the years, she has gradually transitioned from competitive climbing to climbing on rock. Some of her competitive achievements include a silver medal in the Lead Climbing for the 2011 National Sports School Climbing Championships and a gold medal for bouldering in the Intermediate category for bouldering during Gravical 2014.

    She has been on many climbing adventures in countries like the USA, Spain, France, China and South Africa. To her, the satisfaction doesn’t come from getting to the top but from the journey of overcoming the various mental and physical obstacles en route to the top. Every climb is a different challenge and she is grateful to be taught these valuable lessons that may spill into the other aspects of her life. As such, she hopes that through coaching, she is able to enlighten, enrich and motivate individuals in their climbing journey.

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