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Youth Team

Class Description

Our Youth Team members are dedicated to climbing and follow a structured training plan. They focus on honing their fundamentals and refining their movements while building strength. This class emphasise on discipline and fun under the guidance of our experienced coaches. These youths will also have the opportunity to join us on our trips to climb outdoors and experience outdoor climbing. We believing in pushing them mentally and physically in a safe space. Along the way, they also forge strong camaraderie with the other members. 

Our Youth Team recently did extremely well in the Inter Schools Bouldering Championships in 2022! You can find the post here.

Class Highlights

  • Mastering their techniques and climbing skills

  • Individualised instructions 

  • Travelling overseas to try out rock climbing

  • Youths aged 12 & above

  • Youths who are serious about climbing 

  • Able to commit to training 2x/week

  • Youths who are keen to compete

Ideal For

More Infomation

  • Email us to enquire more. 

To enrol in our Youth Team, please book a private coaching session for our coach to assess suitability to join. Contact us for price enquiry.

1. Under the contact form, please include your name, phone number and email.

2. Under Message, please include your child's name, age, climbing experience and what grades they are currently climbing comfortably at.

We will take 1-2 working days to get back to you. 

Thanks! Message sent.


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